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    Hire a Car for a day or two and discover your own Fiji...

    The main island of Viti Levu has many attractions and having your own car means you can see many of them easily within a day.

    Nadi to The Fijian Resort - 48kms
    Head out of Nadi on Queens Road and view the Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple on your left. On this section you can see the sugar cane fields, sugar trains and trucks as they harvest the crop - June to December - and Fiji Pine plantations which are used extensively in local building projects and export.

    The Fijian to Sigatoka Sand Dunes - 12 kms
    Around 2-3 kms before The Fijian enjoy a magnificent view of the resort from the top of a hill. One of the original resorts in Fiji, the beach area, set in a fabulous private bay, is a delight. The circa 1911 Sugar Train is located outside The Fijian and takes tourists to Natadola Beach.

    Sigatoka Sand Dunes to Sigatoka - 3 kmsSigatoka River
    The Sigatoka Sand Dunes are a site of archaeological significance. Discovered in the early 1940's, finds have been numerous and on-going. These include human skeletons and a burial ground where 55 people were unearthed in coral mounds. Keep your eyes peeled - you may discover the next great find!

    Sigatoka to Tavuni Hill Fort - 4 kms
    Sigatoka, set on the banks of the lovely Sigatoka River is great for tourist shopping. Have a wander through the local market set in the centre of the town. For some reason most of the town centre parking has been allocated to taxis so you will have to park your car and walk to the centre. Look out for the one-way bridge.

    Tavuni Hill Fort to Korotogo - 20kms
    Tavuni Hill Fortification stands 90 metres high on a prominent limestone ridge just four kilometres north of Sigatoka. The earthworks associated with the fortification were last used around 115 years ago. Earthworks to provide bases for houses, yavus (foundations) and terraces, probably for barricade fencing were erected. The Reception Bure has toilet facilities and refreshments and souvenirs are available.

    Korotogo to Korolevu - 24kms
    Coral CoastKorotogo is a small township on the Coral Coast. Only metres from the ocean's edge there are guest houses, self-contained units, resorts and budget accommodation outlets. Stop here for lunch. The Crows Nest has a great menu at very reasonable prices, or Blackboard Menu at elegant Bedarra House, pizzas at Casablanca or takeaways at "Something Fishy" opposite the Reef Resort. Villages are prolific between Korotogo and Korolevu. Malevu, Vatukarasa, Namada, Tagaqe, Votualailai and Votua. Stop and check out the roadside stalls and have a chat with the locals, but please do not wander through a village uninvited. Drive slowly through villages as children and 'speed humps' are numerous.

    Korolevu to Pacific Harbour - 44kms
    Korolevu (meaning big village) looks like a sleepy place but the real Korolevu belies its appearance. Stop at the BP service station for fuel and have a chat with Henry at the bowsers - he's very sociable. A turn right directly after the service station will take you to the Korolevu beach (a favourite beach for parties). Directly left is the old Korolevu Air Strip where the jetsetters in the 'good old days' used to fly in.

    Pacific Harbour to Suva - 48kms
    Cultural Center At the Cultural Centre take a boat ride into Fijian history as you watch traditional warriors re-enact a fierce battle, see the recreation of a traditional Fijian village and observe traditional handicrafts being created such as weaving, pottery and tapa. Pacific Harbour has a modern residential area (well worth a drive through), an 18 hole golf course, two resorts and numerous eating places.

    Suva - Capital of Fiji
    Suva is a busy bustling city and is known as the Hub of the Pacific.
    Things to do - Check out her beautiful colonial buildings, the great market, the fantastic nightlife, the museum, Thurston Botanical Gardens, shopping in hectic back streets filled with unusual and intriguing wares, the local police in their white sulus, the guard standing watch at the gate of the President's House and so it goes. The Fiji Visitor's Bureau in the centre of the city will provide you with further information.

    Budget Rent A Car now operates in Taveuni, Fiji's third largest island.
    Hire a car and drive from today to yesterday!

    When you fly over Taveuni, the eye is dazzled by the contrast between the sparkling, azure ocean and this brilliant splash of verdant green.

    Taveuni is appropriately called the Garden Island of Fiji. The island's volcanic ridge which stretches for 16km, assists prevailing tradewinds to drop torrential rainfalls on the island's southeast side and to a lesser degree on the north-west side which is the populated area. The frequent tropical downpours, the rich volcanic soil and an abundance of sunshine creates the perfect climate for the creation and sustenance of this garden of green.

    Bouma Waterfall
    Another of Taveuni's claims to fame is that the 180th degree of longitude passes just south of Waiyevo in southern Taveuni. Early European planters got their native labourers to work seven days a week by having Sunday at one end of the property and Monday at the other. An ordinance passed in 1879 put an end to this exploitation by decreeing that all of Fiji was west of the dateline. Taveuni was also the site of the Bilyard Sugar Mill one of Fiji's first. Planters tried growing cotton in the mid 1800s, turning to sugar when the cotton market collapsed, and then to copra.

    Today Taveuni is fast becoming renowned as a tourist destination, a mecca for divers and deep sea fishing enthusiasts from around the world. The reefs surrounding Taveuni are classed as one of the world's top dive sites. You can dive the amazing Rainbow Reef which stretches for 31km and experience the rare opportunity of viewing a huge range of the denizens of the deep in only 5 metres of water.

    Accommodation runs the full gamut from budget accommodation, campsites, self-contained apartments and a resort located in the middle of a coconut plantation. Taveuni is readily accessible either by air or ferry from the main island, Viti Levu.

    If you would like to experience the sensation of an environment that is stunning in its natural state but at the same time offers all the comforts of tourism in today's world, Taveuni sets the standard.

    Safe Driving Tips

    • You drive on the left hand side of the road
    • Front seat passengers must wear seat belts
    • Speed limit in towns and villages - 60kmh (Highways - 80kmh)
    • Beware of livestock on the roads as they wander freely day and night.
    • Avoid driving at night.
    • Slow down through villages. Locals use the roads as footpaths.
    • Drink driving is an offence and radar is in force.
    • Petrol is around FJ$2.50 a litre.

    Explore Fiji at your own pace. We have a range of cars for you at very attractive rates.